TLC-GURUKUL School, located Nr. Gada Patiya, Bhuj is a sterling educational institution affiliated to The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The vision of our Founder, The Viable Education Foundation, to offer affordable quality education, became a reality on 17th June 2019. Under the aegis of The Viable Education Foundation, the inauguration was performed with the blessings of our Guru Shri Morari Bapu. From its inception, the school has grown into a premier institute. The well-lit and AC classrooms fitted with Projectors which ensure that all learning is technology-driven. Fully equipped Computer Labs provide students with hands-on experience. A choice of sports activities, like Football, Throw Ball, Tennis, Karate and Judo are on offer. In addition to Performing arts like Instrumental Music, Western and Indian Dance, Creative Writing and Drawing classes are conducted in CCA periods on Saturday. We nurture our students to blossom into responsible citizens by providing opportunities for holistic development so that each student reaches their full potential - and more importantly, learns to be a good human being who will make a significant contribution to society. The school enjoys the patronage of the RBK School Group, a reputed name in constructions, hospitality, entertainment and education.

TLC-Gurukul Difference

At TLC-Gurukul School we follow a student centered programme. Our aim is to provide enriching experiences to each student by planning curricular as well as co-curricular activities at various levels of learning. This ensures an all-round development of students. Our curriculum focuses to teach children 'how to think'.

    At TLC-Gurukul we aim to develop:

    Personal and social skills. | Communication and interactive skills. | Visual and observation skills. Listening comprehension skills. | Sound moral values. | Sportsmanship qualities. Thinking an differential abilities. | Memory and recalling abilities. | Creative and aesthetic development. Computer skills. | Well balanced and adjusted personalities. | Project based learning skills. | Environmental awareness.

    The school has a very dynamic and talented faculty, highly qualified and experienced in International Curricula. We at TLC-Gurukul believe that every teacher is also a learner who needs to continually adapt to the dynamic needs of the twenty-first century. Hence our qualified faculty makes it a point to attend workshops conducted by the authorized agencies. This is of course a part from regular in-house training sessions conducted in the school. These sessions provides opportunities for our teachers to share experiences, teaching practices and methodologies from differing perspectives and from different parts of the world. These are just a glimpse of the skills and abilities we aim to achieve by giving opportunities to every student. Our activities are planned so as to harness the latent talent present in each student making him/her a unique and complete individual. The environment at school is stress free. We encourage our learners to apply the principles of learning experiences to real life situations as well. Our text books, work books and worksheets are carefully selected to give an impetus to learning by doing so as to ensure that this well planned curricula is executed to the optimum. To sum it up, our curriculum upholds our motto of "Educating for Life." The school intends to fill the early years of young children with fun, friendship, laughter and discovery, in addition to moulding their whole personality. The educational pattern at TLC-Gurukul School, therefore, is a happy mix of academic, physical, social, cultural and community building activities. While great pains are taken to help your child develop self-esteem and confidence, through accumulation of all these attributes, the school also encourages interaction with nature, teachers and classmates. This not only helps to develop personality of the individual child but also collectively helps inculcate solid values for good community living.


The faculties of TLC-Gurukul School believe that their primary role is more than just dispensers of information. They believe that they are the orchestrators of learning and help students turn information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. The strong teaching force comprises of highly qualified and experienced educators. Regular in-house training programs are conducted to keep them abreast with the changing dynamics of education.

The Curriculum

Pre Primary School is one of the reputed Educational platform where one can experience enthusiasm, involvement and dedication of our students and teaching team. Our Pre Primary School prides itself on providing rich, enjoyable and lasting educational experience for its learners. Besides an effective teaching programme, there is a wide variety of co-curricular activities and enrichment programmes to ensure that there is abundant opportunity for all the learners to develop their potential skills and excel in their areas of talent growth. The spacious modern infrastructure together with a diversely vibrant school community offers opportunities to all the learners to strive for excellence by fostering joyful and meaningful learning.

Enrichment Programmes:

Sports Programmes


TLC-Gurukul School Sports Programme reflects and supports the school’s mission and core values and is vital to the holistic development of its students. Students learn the values of commitment, sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, and resilience. TLC-Gurukul students develop these values as they take pride in their victories, learn from their losses, meet the daily challenges of practice, and uphold their responsibilities as student-athletes. TLC-Gurukul School has an active Sports Ground which offers facilities for varied team and individual sports such as Football, Cricket, Athletics, Skating, Carom, Chess, Table Tennis, Badminton, and so on. Every year, students compete in different categories in these sports as a part of the Sports Day, apart from playing and practicing through the year.

Physical Education

At TLC-Gurukul School Structured curriculum for Physical education is followed. Physical Education is aligned along with the curriculum by our well experienced PE Faculty, This helps students in having a mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing for now and in the future.