Core Feedback Form

As you are aware, children's academic results and other performance results can be better achieved if their Emotional, Social, Behavioural development is taken care of. CORE is "Cognitive Rational Emotive Education" program launched to achieve the above results. We need your continued support as in the past. We request you to invest your few minutes to fill the feed back form, following the link. This feedback will help us better serve your child. We are happy to work with your children in shaping their future. Teaching them the life skills to deal with problems well, handle their emotions better and act more sensibly. Something that will help them in the long run survive the unpredictable times ahead. Since we are committed to making it as customised as possible for your child, your feedback is valuable in doing so. Please take a moment and answer the following questions as we'd love to hear from you about how we are doing

Grade 1-4

Grade 5-6

Grade 7-10