All buses are run by private contractor, who are experienced in running of school buses and who are fully acquainted and competent to adhere to the prescribed norms of child safety. The school has a Parent representative appointed for every bus route in order to resolve the issues related to the bus service between the parents, bus contractor and the school. The Transport Service is optional to the students, Parents can directly contact to Bus contractor for Bus facility and transport fees to be payable directly to the bus contractor.


Computer Labs

A computer labs, which are networked and available for use by the students, is housed in the school. All computer labs offer user's access to the Internet and provide software that students and teachers can use to do research and complete their routine tasks.


The school Library is large, and holds materials to serve the school community. The library system contains adequate number of books and periodicals on all subjects related to the teaching and extensive reading for students. It offers borrowing facilities to any student on the campus.

Safety & Security

Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for our children, staff and visitors. School building is equipped with fire protection system and CCTVs are installed covering maximum area of school like classroom, Passage, School Ground etc. School has security person for 24x7 vigilance of all the person who enter the premises & the property.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness of Students are the foremost concern for us. Looking at this we have tied up with professional medical service provider for below services: 1.School Clinic Management 2.Detailed Medical Checkup for Students and Staff by Specialized Doctors 3.Training and workshop Sessions for students, Teachers and Parents. 4.Behavioral and Psychological assessment for Students


The canteen provides nutritionally balanced and appealing food to the children. We aim to keep our food environment as hygienic as possible to promote good health for our students. The menu is designed by our in house Dietician, who provides students and staff with a healthy range of fresh tasty food which is free of additives and preservatives. We boast of : A spacious dining hall Fresh nutritionally balanced meal served daily with the guidance of Full Time Dietician and Nutritionist Supervised lunch for pre primary learners, as teachers and green staff help them in feeding We pride ourselves on the quality of food we serve because we believe "Healthy kids make healthy nation."