We should never forget as a guardian, parent or teacher that our children have CHILDHOOD only once in their life. We should magnify children’s core values, cultural ethics, skill development and self-motivated individual without spoiling their INNOCENCE. A well-planned education system sharpens our existing skills and escalate our competencies. Education to a child involves understanding, insight, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and appraisal. I live with a high hope to develop a school which would elevate the values like honesty, respect for others, sympathy, confidence discipline and non-violence. I am also of a staunch opinion that the students should understand and instill in themselves the core value of Truth, Love and Compassion. I dream to be a part of evolution in school where the children will prosper with positive mental health and thrive to be a GLOBAL CITIZEN. Rajesh Tiwari Principal TLC Gurukul.

Our Mission

We aim to inculcate our Indian values and principles for overall development of a child culturally, spiritually, morally, intellectually and practically empowering them with the capability to think independently whilst keeping abreast with the changing environment and technology. ( Our indulgences are also devised in such a way as to create a stress free atmosphere where happiness is the upmost priority for a child along with a sound academic base, analytical skills, civic responsibilities and cultural values.) We strive to provide quality education through teamwork and positive partnerships with individual children, teachers, parents and the wider community. We intend to impart practical knowledge and life skills which will mould the child to become self-sufficient, prepared for lifelong challenges and become better citizens of tomorrow.

Our Vision

To become an esteemed learning institute imparting standard based quality education and practical skills blending the core Indian values, traditions and culture with an aim to create Proactive Global Citizens.